Sunday, 25 March 2012

inspiring scenes from sport relief

Good afternoon Blogees,
I have just finished the sport relief mile and am feeling extremely proud of myself and my team the crazy kids. Although it's only running a mile the money that the milers collect is so important. But anyway what i really wanted to talk about was Frank Skinner.

In my opinion he has done the most inspirational and challenging thing this year for sport relief, swimming twenty five meters for charity. Now although this isn't the physically challenging spectacle that was performed by the wonderful John Bishop, but I think Frank did something that little bit better. He overcame his biggest fear, just to raise money for those less fortunate all over the world, and I think for that he deserves the greatest respect from all of. So I hope you all join me in a mental congratulation and applause for this awe inspiring man who has done something incredible for charity. Well done Frank and anyone who participated in the money raising for sport relief.

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