Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A little bit of insanity...

Dear Blogees,
In approximately 17 days, my sister, a chemistry teacher and I will be plunging into the cold, murky depths of Lake Windermere. 

Are we crazy? I hear you cry. Yes on some levels but in fact there is method in our madness. Myself and Dr Boddy both visited Malawi last year on the schools bi-annual tour. Yes some of you may stop reading here, thinking this is just a middle class holiday, and yes it was a lot of fun. BUT.... we saw how much of a difference the schools donations make to the lives of so many people. 

The Malawi trust was set up by the inspirational Barry Brindley, some call him the king of Malawi personally I prefer Aslan; he set up the link between the girls High School and Malawi. Every two years a group of students would travel to Malawi to experience the culture of the country and donate money to the orphanages, hospitals and schools in need. Many years later this tour is still running and I was lucky enough to be picked, as cheesy as this is going to sound what I saw out there will stay with me forever. The most extreme example of this was Kasungu district hospital; it was here that I truly got a glimpse into the poverty of the country and its need for our help. With the money we had raised we were able to buy urgent medical supplies for the hospital and although this will only make a small difference to the conditions of the hospital, it is a difference nonetheless. 

Mr Brindley has set up a charity called 'The Zikomo Trust' this charity will use it's donations to fund the projects in Malawi, it will set up feeding stations for orphans and old people and build classrooms for the children of Mbonekere

Dr Boddy and I have seen first hand how much joy and hope these donations bring to the people of Malawi. That is why we have decided to put ourselves through the trial of swimming a mile in Lake Windermere

We need YOU lovely people to sponsor us, even if it is just a pound! Money goes an extremely long way in Malawi; six pounds will feed an orphan for a whole year! So please, please, please give generously.
Thank you