Thursday, 22 March 2012

Drama the "doss" subject

Whoever decided that drama was the so called "doss" subject, suggesting that it was easy requiring little work and brain power, had obviously never taken A2 level Drama. Having taken Drama since GCSE I can tell you that it perhaps the most stressful and taxing subject I take, surpassing the rigour of both chemistry and biology (both of which I have taken)

If these people were in fact to take Drama they would discover that they not only have to learn two texts basically off by heart for the exam, in which you have to write two essays describing how to act, direct, design for all the actors in the scene. But also devise your own original piece of theatre from scratch whilst sticking to the strict guidelines of your chosen style. 

Still think it's easy??

 Well, if you've met any Drama students I'm sure you are aware of the stereotypical uber-confident personality that comes with the subject and as lovely as my colleagues are, I'm sure that they will agree that all those egos in one room we often are met with scenes more fitting with a soap opera , Lord sugar's boardroom or a scene in hp featuring the likes of Gilderoy Lockhart or Lucius Malfoy.

Therefore, next time you see the drama students strutting to the theatre or complaining about being stressed don't question them, think back to this meagre little offering of a decent blog and maybe offer tea or just a hug?? 

Till next time

stay classy :) 

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