Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The conch and it's place in our society

Today in English our small society of 10 was introduced to the conch. Now if anyone who has read Lord of the Flies will understand the principal but to those who haven't i am happy to fill you in. The conch is an object which is passed around a group of people during a discussion, you are only allowed to speak when in possession of the conch. Obviously in Lord of the flies the conch was over used and led to uproar amongst the small island community, but anyway that is quite literally another story. 

Having dismissed Yusef's inventive suggestion of a reenactment of Lord of the flies ( not too popular with the teacher) we settled into a healthy discussion, and a truly miraculous thing occurred. Normally during a lesson the dulcid tones of our class can be heard echoing down the English corridor much to the frustration of our teacher, as during discussion we all have to fight over one another to be heard. Today was different.

After introducing the conch to our small discussion about who's fault it was that everyone dies at the end of Othello, we found that in fact you could hear someones point much better when no one else was talking!? I mean WHO KNEW!! Therefore, after this enlightening experience i feel that a conch should be introduced to other situations in life eg. a drama rehearsal, when getting you r point across can turn almost as ugly as a fight with a Hungarian Horntail! In conclusion, a conch in all group situation is the BEST way to resolve the issues of any discussion. 

Thank you aaand Good night.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

inspiring scenes from sport relief

Good afternoon Blogees,
I have just finished the sport relief mile and am feeling extremely proud of myself and my team the crazy kids. Although it's only running a mile the money that the milers collect is so important. But anyway what i really wanted to talk about was Frank Skinner.

In my opinion he has done the most inspirational and challenging thing this year for sport relief, swimming twenty five meters for charity. Now although this isn't the physically challenging spectacle that was performed by the wonderful John Bishop, but I think Frank did something that little bit better. He overcame his biggest fear, just to raise money for those less fortunate all over the world, and I think for that he deserves the greatest respect from all of. So I hope you all join me in a mental congratulation and applause for this awe inspiring man who has done something incredible for charity. Well done Frank and anyone who participated in the money raising for sport relief.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Whatever happened to the respect

Dear Blogees,
Today I talk about the very serious subject of the year 7,8,9,10 and eleven's who have all gotten too big for those kids size boots of theirs. Now don't get me wrong kids are great and I don't say this out of pure hatred but it is something that NEEDS to be said. 

What happened to the respect/fear that the sight of a year 13 used to instill in the lower years, I mean for goodness sake we wear suits!! Surely, we should earn respect for having to walk around in smart shirts and un yielding suit skirts all day!? When i was in these lowers years i had an enormous amount of respect for the esteemed sixth form, I would go out of my way to hold a door open or clear the corridor for the on coming year twelves and thirteens. Now, we are lucky if we are not barged into in the corridors or have the door slammed in our face by an obnoxious eleven year old. 

Is this the birth of a new alpha-seven with no keys on bungees, or bulging backpacks. Instead, dressed in the latest tracksuit by juicy or Jack wills gilet complete with leggings and ugg boots these alpha-sevens, eights, nines and tens strut through the halls, more self importance than Draco Malfoy and more attitude than Pansy Parkinson in a bad mood.

However this loss of the hierarchical structure of the school occurred is beyond me but it must be remedied!!! So my message to all you sixth formers who are mistreated by this lack of respect is to take a stand and reestablish the natural order of the school yard.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Drama the "doss" subject

Whoever decided that drama was the so called "doss" subject, suggesting that it was easy requiring little work and brain power, had obviously never taken A2 level Drama. Having taken Drama since GCSE I can tell you that it perhaps the most stressful and taxing subject I take, surpassing the rigour of both chemistry and biology (both of which I have taken)

If these people were in fact to take Drama they would discover that they not only have to learn two texts basically off by heart for the exam, in which you have to write two essays describing how to act, direct, design for all the actors in the scene. But also devise your own original piece of theatre from scratch whilst sticking to the strict guidelines of your chosen style. 

Still think it's easy??

 Well, if you've met any Drama students I'm sure you are aware of the stereotypical uber-confident personality that comes with the subject and as lovely as my colleagues are, I'm sure that they will agree that all those egos in one room we often are met with scenes more fitting with a soap opera , Lord sugar's boardroom or a scene in hp featuring the likes of Gilderoy Lockhart or Lucius Malfoy.

Therefore, next time you see the drama students strutting to the theatre or complaining about being stressed don't question them, think back to this meagre little offering of a decent blog and maybe offer tea or just a hug?? 

Till next time

stay classy :) 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

First Blog

Well hello there world of the blog,
Here i am a small insignificant eighteen year old jumping on the blog wagon. It is unlikely that anyone will ever read this blog i'm sure but i'm going to write it anyway.

My blog will be somewhere where the daily frustrations of an upper sixth student can be voiced and vented, so mainly it will just be some mildly amusing complaints about small children who block the corridors and don't turn up to house events. But anyhoo, a little bit about me: I'm eighteen, female, living in yorkshire (for now) and a little bit crazy... Oh and i also have a small obsession with Harry Potter, as the title may suggest.

Well i think i've said enough, enjoying reading or not reading as the case may be...