Wednesday, 21 March 2012

First Blog

Well hello there world of the blog,
Here i am a small insignificant eighteen year old jumping on the blog wagon. It is unlikely that anyone will ever read this blog i'm sure but i'm going to write it anyway.

My blog will be somewhere where the daily frustrations of an upper sixth student can be voiced and vented, so mainly it will just be some mildly amusing complaints about small children who block the corridors and don't turn up to house events. But anyhoo, a little bit about me: I'm eighteen, female, living in yorkshire (for now) and a little bit crazy... Oh and i also have a small obsession with Harry Potter, as the title may suggest.

Well i think i've said enough, enjoying reading or not reading as the case may be...


  1. Help! I think I love you. Can't wait for more :)

  2. I'm sure I'll find something to be annoyed by something x