Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The conch and it's place in our society

Today in English our small society of 10 was introduced to the conch. Now if anyone who has read Lord of the Flies will understand the principal but to those who haven't i am happy to fill you in. The conch is an object which is passed around a group of people during a discussion, you are only allowed to speak when in possession of the conch. Obviously in Lord of the flies the conch was over used and led to uproar amongst the small island community, but anyway that is quite literally another story. 

Having dismissed Yusef's inventive suggestion of a reenactment of Lord of the flies ( not too popular with the teacher) we settled into a healthy discussion, and a truly miraculous thing occurred. Normally during a lesson the dulcid tones of our class can be heard echoing down the English corridor much to the frustration of our teacher, as during discussion we all have to fight over one another to be heard. Today was different.

After introducing the conch to our small discussion about who's fault it was that everyone dies at the end of Othello, we found that in fact you could hear someones point much better when no one else was talking!? I mean WHO KNEW!! Therefore, after this enlightening experience i feel that a conch should be introduced to other situations in life eg. a drama rehearsal, when getting you r point across can turn almost as ugly as a fight with a Hungarian Horntail! In conclusion, a conch in all group situation is the BEST way to resolve the issues of any discussion. 

Thank you aaand Good night.

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